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Google So, Google has made it very hard to install Chrome extensions outside of the Chrome Web Store - out of security concerns. In addition, they sprung this on users and extension developers without much consultation or consideration for their concerns. As always - understandable to protect users, but the handling has an almost Apple-like bluntness to it. Next up: how to jailbreak your browser?
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The spread of malware happens because users lack the tools to make informed decisions.

I call bs. Malware spreads because users treat their computer as a magic box. They expect their computer to protect them, to do their common sense thinking for them, and to be the always-on tool. They don't wish to make informed decisions. I speak from experience with a large number of users, some of which have actually said this to me. I can't count the number of times I've heard "well, if that's not a safe program, I shouldn't be allowed to install it." I shit you not, I have heard these words.
If you're a carpenter, you don't expect your tools to maintain themselves. You don't expect your vehicle to keep itself going without maintenance, nor do you expect it to survive in tact if you drive it straight into a tree. Yet, people expect their electronics to magically just work no matter what sort of crap they put on them. They want that? Fine, but that comes at a heavy cost. They don't want to think, so fine, we don't make them think. However, we have to allow those who still wish to think and employ their common sense to not be limited by the idiocy of those who do not wish to use their brains. Therefore, a compromise is needed.
I wish these sorts of things weren't necessary. I wish people would use their damn brains for something other than watching crap tv and window shopping. The sad reality is, however, that the greater part of the market decides these issues and we could easily find ourselves buried by them. Allowing us to enable this ability in an easy way that is, at the same time, not obvious to those who don't have the brains to search for it anyway seems to be the best way to keep both groups happy.
And before anyone mentions it: Yes, I know how elitist and arrogant I sound. That's what happens when you see the same mistakes repeated over and over and over again, and every time they ask: "Why didn't my computer protect me?" I don't know what the situation is in other countries, but in the USA that's what I get 95% of the time. I'm almost glad for lockdowns imposed on these types of people, if only so they stop bothering me with the same crap and stop spreading their malware. As long as those of us who do know our stuff can legally and uncomplicatedly bypass said lockdowns, I have no problem with it whatsoever, as that approach keeps both groups happy.

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