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Windows "Microsoft recently extended 'It Just Works' compatibility for Visual Basic 6 applications through the full lifetime of Windows 8. Visual Basic 6 first shipped in 1998, so its apps will have at least 24 years of supported lifetime. Contrast that with the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 (2002), which is incompatible with Windows 7 (2009)."
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RE[3]: Memories...
by dnebdal on Mon 11th Jun 2012 08:01 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Memories..."
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You can get quite far in the world with only a modest understanding of math. ;)

One thing I've noticed from the outside is that at higher levels, maths seems to share some of the same features as programming: You've got classes of things, transformations that can be done on them to get other types of things, properties that are (or are not) comparable, and ... I might be mistaken, but it looks like going deeper into mathematics takes you from algebra and other busywork into something that tastes vaguely like a really convoluted OO type/class system. Fascinating stuff; shame I've gotten distracted by bioinformatics instead.

Oh, and if you do ever want to play around with it again, there are a number of nice and useful languages out there. I'm fond of python, some like ruby, and on windows you might want to look at the .net family ( would seem obvious, but you might want to look at C# - it's a neat language, though slightly further over on the obvious vs. compact scale.)

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