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Apple Marco Arment: "After two years, the Mac Pro was 'updated' today, sort of: now we can choose slightly faster two-year-old CPUs at the top end, and the other two-year-old CPU options are cheaper now. That's about it. No Xeon E5 CPUs, no USB 3, no Thunderbolt. They're even shipping the same two-year-old graphics cards. Same motherboard, slightly different CPU options from 2010. That's it. The message is clear: Apple doesn't give a shit about the Mac Pro." Paint, red, scout, girl.
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RE[2]: But why?
by kristoph on Tue 12th Jun 2012 04:33 UTC in reply to "RE: But why? "
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This is just another chapter in the Apple's war against general purpose computers. They will slowly kill their old "desktop" product line, and OSX, in favor of iOS and more restricted hardware.

Apple has the most popular laptop on the market - indeed most of Apple's models are in the top 10 best selling laptops. Apple just introduced yet a new laptop which Thom and everyone is raving about. Apple has the best selling all in one desktop computer in the iMac.

And to assuage concerns about the Mac Pro Tim Cook today replied to some random persons email.

All these computers run Mac OS X (a *NIX derivative), Linux, and various version of Windows, NetBSD, and probably some other BSD's if your into that sort of thing.

Let's also add that Apple actively develops Mac OS X for said computers which is updated far more often and at a much lower cost them the only other consumer grade OS - Microsoft Windows. Apple just announced that $20 will get you an upgrade for as many machines as you own.

But hey, why bother with the facts and shit, right? Let's just go with FUD to play to the peanut gallery.

PS. The MacPro update was totally half assed as Thom said but it's more likely to do with the fact that it just does not make enough money for Apple to redesign the thing more often then some conspiracy theory.

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