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Apple Apple held its keynote speech just now, kicking off its developer conference. The company announced minor refreshes for its laptop line, introduced a stunning new laptop with a Retina display, and gave a sneak peek of iOS 6, which will launch in the Fall.
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High Res on Win
by Lobotomik on Tue 12th Jun 2012 05:43 UTC
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I had a corporate Dell D830 with a 1920x1200 resolution, which is about 45% the pixel density this new one. While nice as a bed warmer for arctic conditions (half an hour of arctic conditions, that is), or for weighting down a blimp, it was absolutely unusable without an external LCD. With WinXP, everything was SO small as to immediately be headache inducing. I was SO glad the day it gave up the ghost and it was replaced by something else.

But then, WinXP is laughable at adapting to higher pixel densities. Fonts may be enlarged, but that throws most programs into total disarray.

It is astonishing how different the situation was with Linux. Ubuntu tends to use fonts and widgets that are too large to start with, and it automatically adapts to the actual pixel density, so it really looked gorgeous in that screen. Even icons can be vector images, so they may be drawn at any size. It used to be extremely easy to choose smaller fonts which allowed me to make things exactly the size I liked.

Apple software (unlike desktop Linux or Android) seems dislike different pixel densities or resolutions, and apparently what Apple is only to double-up the size of things, which gives you much smoother fonts in any app and somewhat smoother widgets for updated apps. But the good thing in this distaste for adapting to other densities is that we get a huge 4x jump in resolution in one go.

Anybody knows how does W7 fare with high pixel densities? I guess I soon will, because new hardware is on the way, but I am afraid I won´t be pleased.

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