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OpenStep, GNUstep "Etoile intends to be an innovative, GNUstep-based, user environment built from the ground up on highly modular and light components. It is created with project and document orientation in mind, in order to allow users to create their own workflow by reshaping or recombining provided Services (a.k.a. Applications) and Components. Flexibility and modularity on both User Interface and code level should allow us to scale from handheld to desktop environments." A new release. An actual one. Awesome. And yes, OSNews has issues with diacritic marks, so don't ask.
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RE: LOVE this project!
by dylansmrjones on Wed 13th Jun 2012 22:20 UTC in reply to "LOVE this project!"
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I've always had WindowMaker+GWorkspace as a backup whenever Gnome2 got under my skin. The combination of a gentoo installation on a semi-dying harddisk and the horror known as Gnome3, I ditched my gentoo system and went for an LFS-based GNUstep-centric desktop. It works rather well. I haven't gotten around to install the new GWorkspace 0.9.1, but I hope it fixes those small bugs there are here and there.

SimpleWebKit is no match for WebKit yet, but is good enough for browsing documentation.

There's patches for older version of GWorkspace to use PopplerKit instead of PDFKit to render PDF-files, but they need to be updated to work with newer versions of GWorkspace.

Enable the desktop function in GWorkspace, and try this in a console: defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSMenuInterfaceStyle NSMacintoshInterfaceStyle

It's a bit perverted, obscene even, but rather nice despite that, or because of that... (red, paint, girlscout, handcuffs, unicorns and flying pigs etc.)

Apart from that there is only to enjoy the wonderful terseness of the applications available, and the no-nonsense look.

EDIT: Don't forget to use LLVM+Clang-3.x and libobjc2-1.6 (get from SVN).

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