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Linux The BBC interviews Torvalds. I like this bit: "For me, Linux on the desktop is where I started, and Linux on the desktop is literally what I still use today primarily - although I obviously do have other Linux devices, including an Android phone - so I'd personally really love for it to take over in that market too. But I guess that in the meantime I can't really complain about the successes in other markets." Linux on the desktop is quite passe. Phones and servers is where it's at.
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Linus is still in denial
by nt_jerkface on Thu 14th Jun 2012 04:24 UTC
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So I think that in order to make it in a consumer market, you really do need to be pre-installed.
And on the laptop and desktop market, we just haven't ever had any company making that kind of play. And don't get me wrong - it's not an easy play to make.

Ever heard of Dell?

And as I have pointed out before the Windows 7 RC eclipsed the marketshare of Linux even though it wasn't pre-installed on a single computer.

Linus and much of the internet is in denial of a harsh reality: geeks don't want Linux on the desktop. It comes with more problems than it is worth. It breaks from updates more than its fanbase wants to admit and still has problems with sound and video. Blaming M$ or OEMs at this point is a cop-out.

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