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Linux The BBC interviews Torvalds. I like this bit: "For me, Linux on the desktop is where I started, and Linux on the desktop is literally what I still use today primarily - although I obviously do have other Linux devices, including an Android phone - so I'd personally really love for it to take over in that market too. But I guess that in the meantime I can't really complain about the successes in other markets." Linux on the desktop is quite passe. Phones and servers is where it's at.
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RE: Desktop Forever...
by Fergy on Thu 14th Jun 2012 05:54 UTC in reply to "Desktop Forever..."
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but for Web browsing it's barely passable (size of screen and lack of real keyboard kill it). I guess it can be decent for occasional YouTube viewing.

So what other device do you have with you for that purpose then? Most of the time my phone is the only device in reach with an internet connection. And browsing on it is useful even for reading complete articles on anandtech.
So I get that _you_ don't use the functions but the way you state your opinion makes it sound like you mean it as fact.

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