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Apple Marco Arment: "After two years, the Mac Pro was 'updated' today, sort of: now we can choose slightly faster two-year-old CPUs at the top end, and the other two-year-old CPU options are cheaper now. That's about it. No Xeon E5 CPUs, no USB 3, no Thunderbolt. They're even shipping the same two-year-old graphics cards. Same motherboard, slightly different CPU options from 2010. That's it. The message is clear: Apple doesn't give a shit about the Mac Pro." Paint, red, scout, girl.
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RE[5]: Comment by silviucc
by lfeagan on Thu 14th Jun 2012 06:15 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by silviucc"
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Thanks for the link.

Yes, I have tried PowerShell. I have tens of thousands of lines of scripts I have developed over the last decade+. I simply do not have the time to port a huge system designed to configure and execute every program I use regularly, such as compilers, across AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and Mac OS X (and Tru64 and IRIX).

Famous quote: "Its easier to port a shell than to port a shell script." -Larry Wall

If I could just bend Windows a bit more it might be acceptable. Maybe I will create a framework to make it behave exactly like a UNIX system for my scripts.

Semi-random moderately off-topic remark:
I must admit that I actually enjoy using PathFinder as a graphical file management tool. It is the only graphical file management tool I have ever enjoyed using. For f***s sake why can't any OS vendor include a decent graphical file management tool with features like multiple file move and rename using regular expressions, dates, etc and file stacks you can push and pop from.

I agree with your comments about Cook. I am worried he thinks like chrome dome (Ballmer). I may end up having Windows again someday, but honestly with the way 8 is shaping up even that may be rubbish for someone with a 5120x1600 desktop.

BTW, I am not in IT. I create tools for high-speed loading and analysis of temporal (time series) data.

Thanks for your reply.

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