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Apple After a proper teardown, iFixit concludes that the new MacBook Pro has no user-serviceable parts at all, which some think is a really bad thing. I honestly don't know - I mean, my ZenBook isn't particularly user-serviceable either, and my smartphones, tablets, and whatnot are pretty much entirely soldered together as well. What do you guys make of this?
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Sounds like a challenge.
by rexstuff on Thu 14th Jun 2012 06:50 UTC
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Pfft - I tend to view "not user serviceable" the same way I view "non-flammable": as a challenge.

I've had my 4,1 MBP apart a couple of times. I wouldn't recommend it, Apple sure doesn't make it easy, but it can be done, and I've fixed one or two things. Probably voided my warranty, but I'm sure that was dead long ago.

I pine for the old days of cars and computers, where one could be stripped down and rebuilt with nothing more than a leatherman multi-tool. There was something great about being able to service your machines yourself, a sense of independence and importance, that you really knew your machine and how you were using it.

Nowadays, you can barely change the oil in a modern car without being a liscenced mechanic; computers are headed the same way, I'm afraid.

That's what I love about my 1984 Honda motorcycle; there's nothing on there I can't fix myself, with enough time and patience ;) I have to, for that matter. Most shops won't even look at things that old anymore. How are we going to keep anything running when no-one knows how they work anymore? Are we doomed to discard and upgrade? That's what Apple would love, I'm sure.

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