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Opera Software I'm not sure if such a thing exists anymore (what, with both Firefox and Chrome doing the release-all-the-time thing), but browser season 2012 has been opened! Opera 12 has just been released, bringing with it all sorts of updates and improvements. She may not be the most popular of the pack, but she sure has the most loyal fanbase.
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RE[2]: No X-Marks :(
by Tuxie on Thu 14th Jun 2012 23:19 UTC in reply to "RE: No X-Marks :("
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I know about Opera Link and that stuff. Yes, I wrote "across platforms and browsers" because I use different browsers on different computers/gadgets with different operating systems and I sometimes want to try new major versions of various browsers. X-Marks is keeping it all together and does it well (usually), syncing bookmarks, cookies, etc across them.

I meant exactly what I wrote. I would use Opera more often if it wasn't an own little echo system. BUT, I'm not blaming Opera for it (unless they are denying access to the required APIs), I'm blaming X-Marks for ignoring Opera users.

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