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Hardware, Embedded Systems And finally, finally, finally, Vizio has fully unveiled its brand new line up of laptops and all-in-ones. The successful American TV maker announced its new kit at CES in January, catching my eyes with a set of beautiful, distinctive laptops and all-in-ones, and, as they promised back then, they have now unveiled all. This has want written all over it. Update: Rejoice: non-glossy, matte screens on the laptop.
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RE[2]: That Ultrabook
by NuxRo on Fri 15th Jun 2012 08:32 UTC in reply to "RE: That Ultrabook"
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Exactly. Stop making things thinner, and stick bigger/better batteries inside. We don't need laptops under 1" thick ... we need laptops that will last a full work/school day away from an outlet. Just like we don't need phones that are thin enough to slice cheese ... we need phones we can use heavily for a full day (or even three) without lugging a charger around.

We've gone way beyond the useful limits for "thin". We need longer usage times!!


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