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Opera Software I'm not sure if such a thing exists anymore (what, with both Firefox and Chrome doing the release-all-the-time thing), but browser season 2012 has been opened! Opera 12 has just been released, bringing with it all sorts of updates and improvements. She may not be the most popular of the pack, but she sure has the most loyal fanbase.
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Which are?

My favorite one is double-click-and-drag text selection which is inconsistent with pretty much any other Windows app.

I also regret that "tabs in titlebar" requires themes to be turned on, unlike FF and Chrome.

And I'm really looking forward to a chrome-like or even IE-like tab grouping feature (need to look at OpenWindowImprover, which may just be it).

Other than this, I'm glad Opera is still alive and kicking.
Sure, other browsers caught back over the years, and even sometimes marginally improved on it, but still, Opera pretty much invented modern browsing.

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