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Apple Apple held its keynote speech just now, kicking off its developer conference. The company announced minor refreshes for its laptop line, introduced a stunning new laptop with a Retina display, and gave a sneak peek of iOS 6, which will launch in the Fall.
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I'm with you, brother. I keep my old 17" Dell E1705 around precisely because it has a proper 1920x1200 display. My newer HP "full HD" 1080 screen laptop just doesn't cut it for some things, even though it has a better CPU.

Too bad the new MBPs are essentially throwaway hardware, if you believe the iFixit teardown. Batteries don't last more than 2 years in my experience. The aforementioned Dell is on its 3rd battery, 2nd motherboard, and the RAM and SSD upgrades I gave it turned it into a revitalized machine that I plan to use for some years now.

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