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Games "A newly leaked 56-page document sheds some light on the company's plans, for what it calls the 'Xbox 720'. The presentation appears to be from August 2010, and references future improvements like SmartGlass, a Metro dashboard, and Xbox TV apps. Alongside its incremental Xbox 360 updates, Microsoft has a clear vision for its next-generation Xbox 720 console - we've dug into its plans to bring you the best bits." It's important to note the documentation is already two years old - a lifetime in the technology world. Still interesting, though. Now if you don't mind - back to Half-Life 2 on my plain old soon-to-be-outdated Xbox 360.
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Around and around
by Soulbender on Sat 16th Jun 2012 12:52 UTC
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What's with the 360 -> 720 thing? Will the next one be 1080?
Is it a sign that they are just going in circles?

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