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Windows This rumour has been rummaging around the web for a few days, but now that The New York Times has picked it up, it probably carries a bit more validity than it did before. Microsoft invited members of the press to a mystery event coming Monday, and supposedly, the company will launch its very own ARM tablet running Windows RT.
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Could have fooled me...anyone with an ounce gets it. They just don't want it or have any use for it. If I could turn it off, not fussed if anyone else wants metro, and just use the next service pack for 7 [Vista] I wouldn't mind.

Not used one myself but I saw someone with a windows phone today....metro seemed to make sense with that and on a tablet it probably does too, though it all seems like an attempt to lock-down and monetise.

Isn't it about time MS actually did something radical with Windows instead of releasing service packs (no, metro isn't radical...perverse, perhaps).

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