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Windows Paul Thurrot and Rafael Rivera have some good shots of the new theme for classic applications in windows 8. Looking pretty good - too bad Microsoft didn't come up with a new icon set as well. Still, white window borders with a white taskbar and these new widgets and flat appearance... Nice.
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by Neolander on Sun 17th Jun 2012 07:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by marcp"
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Actually, computer mice provide quite a bit of haptic feedback when you use them. The shape helps you put your hand on top of the buttons, the buttons are designed to click noticeable when you press them, good wheels have a "rough" feeling that let you know precisely how much you have scrolled...

One of my main gripes against current-gen touchscreens is that they are usability disasters. No way to know that you are "hovering" something, your fingers either hide what's happening or moves on large distances constantely, and what they call "haptic feedback" is just an agressive vibration that occurs *after* you have messed up instead of a subtle feedback before and after clicking.

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