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OpenBSD Bitrig, a fork of OpenBSD, has surfaced. It aims to be less conservative than OpenBSD by being less loose with new features and only supporting modern architectures. Bitrig has also converted over to using LLVM's clang rather than GNU gcc for it's toolchain/compiler. A roadmap for Bitrig is also available.
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more open in fact than pretty much any Linux distribution, since they are strictly against blobs and don't enforce the whole GPL upon you

How is limiting of options (say, blobs) more open, and how does Linux enforce the whole GPL upon me? (I do whatever I want with it...)

Yes, their stance on specs and drivers is great (as are some other things, like OpenSSL or PF), but...
BTW, thanks for that info about NetBSD (also vs OpenBSD & vulnerabilities), from the outside it sometimes seems stagnating (though OTOH, NetBSD - not ~OSX - powering Apple AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule is pure win ;p )

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