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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The UEFI secure boot mechanism has been the source of a great deal of concern in the free software community, and for good reason: it could easily be a mechanism by which we lose control over our own systems. Recently, Red Hat's Matthew Garrett described how the Fedora distribution planned to handle secure boot in the Fedora 18 release. That posting has inspired a great deal of concern and criticism, though, arguably, about the wrong things."
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uefi disable
by l3v1 on Mon 18th Jun 2012 05:58 UTC
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On several occasions I've seen and heard the argument that easy disabling (e.g. including a simple switch in the bios/whatever you want to call it) should be a no-go. Then for crying out loud, at least provide a jumper on the mobo in an accessible place (anywhere on desktop/server boards, and near the ram slots on laptops) where those who care enough, can disable it.

Going for abominations like this Fedora plan (where you can't use your own compiled kernel, modified drivers, etc.) should be the absolute no-go, and distro makers should not offer to voluntarily go with MS's lockout plan. Instead they should join the effort in full to lobby for including the option to switch off UEFI SB on every and each UEFI hardware.

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