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Graphics, User Interfaces It's been one of my major pet peeves on both Android and iOS: the total and utter lack of consistency. Applications - whether first party or third party - all seem to live on islands, doing their own thing, making their own design choices regarding basic UI interactions, developing their own non-standard buttons and controls. Consistency died five years ago, and nobody seems to care but me.
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Thom goes emo
by WereCatf on Mon 18th Jun 2012 13:39 UTC
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and nobody seems to care but me.

Consistency became a casualty almost nobody ever talked about. A dead body we silently buried in the forest,

I mourn the death of consistency. I may be alone in doing so, but every death deserves a tear.

Been watching sparkly vampires again, eh? ;)

PS. No, I actually just recently lambasted Microsoft for completely ignoring UI consistency and design on my Google+, noting that they themselves are one of the worst offenders on Windows-platform. On Linux if you stick to only GNOME-applications or only KDE-applications you actually get a whole lot more consistent look and feel, but that obviously does not help people using other OSes.

The thing is that UI consistency cannot really be fixed by random people, the push for consistency must come from the OS/desktop environment/hardware manufacturer/developer. The people in charge just think "let's make our app stand out like a stick in the eye so that people will remember it!" unless there is a real disincentive for doing that, so something like e.g. taking extra tax on Windows Store/App Store/etc. applications that break UI consistency could possibly work. Another approach would be to push such applications out of the front-pages and to favor applications that stick to UI consistency - guidelines.

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