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Graphics, User Interfaces It's been one of my major pet peeves on both Android and iOS: the total and utter lack of consistency. Applications - whether first party or third party - all seem to live on islands, doing their own thing, making their own design choices regarding basic UI interactions, developing their own non-standard buttons and controls. Consistency died five years ago, and nobody seems to care but me.
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Similar to TV Showroom Settings
by Chrispynutt on Mon 18th Jun 2012 15:03 UTC
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One of the first things I do with a friend's shiny new HDTV is turn off all the glaring edge enhancement, saturation and contrast that obliterate image quality. It's just there to make the TV stand out in a line, not to give you a good picture. Similar to inconsistent UIs.

I would suggest that Google promote a 'Holo' limelight area for Android like the The Verge list:

Kind of the Nexus line for applications. Call them Nexus Class Apps. They have to have the Holo UI and support all of the input types inc keyboard and mouse.

FYI I have an Ainol Novo 7 Aurora and I love Vanilla ICS.

Basing my next purchase on which phones offer the least branding. Padfone and Eluga Power are top of the list.

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