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Graphics, User Interfaces It's been one of my major pet peeves on both Android and iOS: the total and utter lack of consistency. Applications - whether first party or third party - all seem to live on islands, doing their own thing, making their own design choices regarding basic UI interactions, developing their own non-standard buttons and controls. Consistency died five years ago, and nobody seems to care but me.
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Usability != Consistency
by Yamin on Mon 18th Jun 2012 15:42 UTC
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I've never been one to think consistency was all that matters to usability.

Was WinAmp consistent with the windows UI? Nope, but it was very usable and a very popular music player.

Usability is very important. But usability is not dependent on consistency.

Usability is driven from many areas, one of which is consistency.
Other are:
Domain. Winamp looks like a traditional media player. Ebook readers can emulate paper to turn pages...

Tradition. You might want to comply with a new paradigm, but people are still used to the old one. It might be more usable to switch over gradually.

Application Model. Sometimes the usability of an application goes beyond the standard model. Perhaps to fit complexity. Perhaps to experiment with new UI paradigms. Kinda of like the Ribbon in MS applications or complex applications like autocad...


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