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Apple Great find by Hack A Day: "Over on the 68kmla forums, a website dedicated to old Macs built before 1994, [zydeco] released his Android port of Mini vMac, a Macintosh Plus emulator that puts the power of a Motorola MC68000 processor and System 7 on any computer.
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by zima on Mon 18th Jun 2012 19:39 UTC
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So, Thom, suddenly nothing against emulation, not even a word or two? ;) ( ) ...wait, "Great"?! ;)

BTW and seriously, if anybody feels like emulating 68k Macs in general (in more usual setting, on a PC) - Basilisk II is another good option, focusing more on the later 68k Macs so probably more suitable for the desktop (resolution, colour support, and so on).
It was already great in 1999, fast (on CPUs back then), trouble-free and useful (training - due to some strange intrigues, school labs had Classics and LC475; quite possibly the only Macs in the city)

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