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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless JLG (we can suffice with his initials on OSNews, right?): "Nokia, once the emperor of mobile phones, shipping more than 100 million devices per quarter, is now in a tailspin, probably irrecoverable, taking its employees into the ground. And there is Nokia's chosen partner, Microsoft. What will Nokia's failure do to its future? Ballmer knows Microsoft can't be relegated to a inconsequential role in the smartphone wars. Will this lead to Microsoft going 'vertical', that is buying Nokia's smartphone business and become an vertically player, as it already is in its Xbox business?" Microsoft will eventually buy Nokia's smartphone business. I mean, it's not as if they have any other serious WP7 OEMs they can piss off with such a move.
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RE: This was obvious trap
by bassbeast on Tue 19th Jun 2012 04:44 UTC in reply to "This was obvious trap"
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Oh lord, again with the crazy. Belluzzo was no more to blame for the death of SGI than Intel was for the death of soundblaster. What happened to SGI was quite simple and happens often in the tech world, a disruptive technology comes along and shoots your business plans all to hell, the same thing happened to Sun and SPARC.

For years SGI held the creative market with an iron hand because commodity PCs simply didn't have the power to compete but the explosion of cheap Windows PCs gave Intel and AMD such huge economies of scale they began to explode with HUGE leaps of power in frankly insanely short amounts of time. Look at the time line folks, look up the numbers. We went from years of 5MHz to 20Mhz speed jumps to suddenly hundreds of MHz with each rev and SGI couldn't keep up. The final nail was the consumer GPU market giving ATI and Nvidia huge economies of scale so they too could leapfrog dedicated companies like SGI. It quickly became the case that the COTS stuff and the huge market of pro and prosumer software that came along with it simply left SGI with no way to justify their high prices and no way to survive on a low margin market.

Look I've always liked weird and underdog arches, SPARC, MIPS, PPC, but in the end it all came down to R&D $$$ and Intel had it, SGI didn't. Heck look at the GFLOPS we are getting out of current CPUs and GPUs, just 4 years ago you'd have had to spend $20K to get what you can now for less than $4K, even with such a huge lead Intel with their tick tocks are putting out scary powerful chips and have been for quite awhile. Heck even Netburst, which was a dog heat wise, doubled its speed in less than 4 years, the advancements were just insane. What happened to SGI wasn't a conspiracy, nor is what is happening to Nokia now, in both cases they simply weren't ready for the entire technology front to do a huge leap and got caught with their pants down, SGI by X86 and Nokia by having bet everything on dumb phones.

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