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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless JLG (we can suffice with his initials on OSNews, right?): "Nokia, once the emperor of mobile phones, shipping more than 100 million devices per quarter, is now in a tailspin, probably irrecoverable, taking its employees into the ground. And there is Nokia's chosen partner, Microsoft. What will Nokia's failure do to its future? Ballmer knows Microsoft can't be relegated to a inconsequential role in the smartphone wars. Will this lead to Microsoft going 'vertical', that is buying Nokia's smartphone business and become an vertically player, as it already is in its Xbox business?" Microsoft will eventually buy Nokia's smartphone business. I mean, it's not as if they have any other serious WP7 OEMs they can piss off with such a move.
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"I'm sorry but that is insane, its like saying Apple being one of the biggest sellers of tablets can control the farm tractor business."

Yes, that is insane, but then you aren't seriously trying to assert that's equivalent to what I said, are you?

Never the less I get the feeling many people don't realise how antitrust works. Let me speak hypothetically, just to make a point: IF apple were legally considered a tablet monopoly AND IF apple were using that monopoly to stifle the farm tractor business (*), then apple could be found to be abusing it's tablet monopoly REGARDLESS of it's farm tractor market share.

* The whole thing seems absurd, but we are speaking hypothetically here.

Or on the other hand...


"Look up the figures yourself, MSFT has NEVER held more than 5% of the mobile phone market EVER."

Has microsoft ever shipped any OEM phones or computers? If not, from my point of view you might as well say they hold 0% of the hardware market share, but that's not to say they have zero control over the market share of others.

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