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Windows So, the Microsoft announcement - taking place as I write this, 01:45 in my timezone - turns out to be a bigger deal than expected. Microsoft just announced it's going full-on hardware - the company announced a new tablet called 'Surface', and boy, is this thing something to behold. Microsoft's hardware partners? They're not happy right now. Update: Here's Microsoft's official Surface site. I believe someone coined the phrase 'sexy as a succubus' in the comments about Vizio? Stealin' it! Update II: They aren't just taking the iPad head-on - this is a straight-up MacBook Air competitor.
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RE[3]: ARM
by Nelson on Tue 19th Jun 2012 05:26 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ARM"
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That doesn't make their demands any less anti-competitive and it's obviously an attempt to use their existing desktop "monopoly" as leverage to pro-actively prevent competition in a market where they are currently a minor player.

No, because there is true and legitimate choice in the ARM market. Again, Microsoft has zero marketshare. Existing Windows applications do not run on Windows RT. It is a separate product.

Microsoft may have once held a monopolistic position on the computing landscape, but to say that it still does today is disingenuous. Computing has shifted to far more devices, beyond traditional PCs and true alternatives have sprung up.

If Microsoft makes any inroads in the tablet market it will be on the merits of Wndows RT itself.

And I quite enjoy the double speak a lot of people use with regards to Windows 8. Some say it won't sell, no one will like Metro, it'll cause Microsoft to lose revenue (give me a break) while at the same time decrying the unfair monopoly that Microsoft has and how its going to ensure Microsoft dominates, and how general purpose computing is over.

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