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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless JLG (we can suffice with his initials on OSNews, right?): "Nokia, once the emperor of mobile phones, shipping more than 100 million devices per quarter, is now in a tailspin, probably irrecoverable, taking its employees into the ground. And there is Nokia's chosen partner, Microsoft. What will Nokia's failure do to its future? Ballmer knows Microsoft can't be relegated to a inconsequential role in the smartphone wars. Will this lead to Microsoft going 'vertical', that is buying Nokia's smartphone business and become an vertically player, as it already is in its Xbox business?" Microsoft will eventually buy Nokia's smartphone business. I mean, it's not as if they have any other serious WP7 OEMs they can piss off with such a move.
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No it isnt
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Correct. But buying Nokia, Microsoft will hold more than 30% of the mobile phone business, and having already used their patents offensively to leech money off Android, they no doubt will also use Nokia's patents in the same way (that is, after all, what they will buy). In other words, Microsoft will use their position to stagnate development in the mobile business.

This isn't about having some percentage of a market, it's about abusing a position to stop the competition. We all know that's what Microsoft's intention is.

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