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Windows This rumour has been rummaging around the web for a few days, but now that The New York Times has picked it up, it probably carries a bit more validity than it did before. Microsoft invited members of the press to a mystery event coming Monday, and supposedly, the company will launch its very own ARM tablet running Windows RT.
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by kovacm on Tue 19th Jun 2012 08:39 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by kovacm"
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The PC approach was simply by far the best path, that's why it crushed virtually all the other* - also why it was the one which succeeded in the stated goal of Gates and MS, to make computers widely available, widespread (or maybe you want a return to those glorious times when very few had them, when you could feel special?).
And Windows was the most viable choice of the OS, at the time ( ).

this is most laughable part: Bill Gates is responsible that every house have computer - it was inevitably. Bell was only very lucky to have PC operating system monopoly position right from start.

anyway, today you have Apple that stomp all over Microsoft with software + hardware product, in new category and Microsoft can not fight back with "software only" + OEM approach.

that was point: if you do software and hardware under same roof you will make superior product.

*including Apple hardware - but you're too far gone, seemingly unable to assimilate the info that Apple hardware platforms failed, and they switched to the tech of PC world - Macs are PCs now. You can't understand that, as far as influence on software goes, Apple hardware (also mobile) is now generic - again, Kay certainly wasn't talking about industrial design.

Apple start to use PC components when they become "good enough".

Apple design, together with Motorola, AltiVec (SSE like) instructions to hardware accelerate (among other things) composite desktop. Intel chips get comparable SSE only few years later.
And you can apply same logic on everything else: they start to replace SCSI with IDE when IDE get DMA mod.
they replace NuBus slots with PCI (skiping ISA junk), same goes to EFI...

yes, in past 20 years PC standards improved and Apple accept one by one.

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