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Windows So, the Microsoft announcement - taking place as I write this, 01:45 in my timezone - turns out to be a bigger deal than expected. Microsoft just announced it's going full-on hardware - the company announced a new tablet called 'Surface', and boy, is this thing something to behold. Microsoft's hardware partners? They're not happy right now. Update: Here's Microsoft's official Surface site. I believe someone coined the phrase 'sexy as a succubus' in the comments about Vizio? Stealin' it! Update II: They aren't just taking the iPad head-on - this is a straight-up MacBook Air competitor.
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RE[3]: About Damn Time
by Radio on Tue 19th Jun 2012 13:13 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: About Damn Time"
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You may already have forgotten, but before the Surface Tablet, Microsoft created the Surface Table. Remember the price?


And don't begin to tell me "it's bigger so it's normal to be so expensive". Miniaturization is expensive.

What does Microsoft have that other OEMs dont?
Billions of dollars of cash from years of a successful monopoly in business and consumer software?

Since when does Apple pull out ultra-sleek monobloc devices made of glass and alloys? Since they got successfull with the iPod and iTunes and got enough money to overstep competition, pay upfront for whole factories, hundreds of machining machines, tons of rare materials. The OEM are all clinging to razor-thin margins - the result of competition. Disruption is coming from outside of the OEM battlefield, from players armored with tons of cash (earned elsewhere) ready to be poured and lost. If the surface tablet fails, the impact on MS margins will be negligible. What OEM can say that?

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