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Hardware, Embedded Systems Another fantastic article at The Verge, this time covering Vizio in-depth, written by Nilay Patel. "Vizio is one of the best-kept secrets in consumer technology. The tiny Southern California company consistently sells the most HDTVs in America, but it's a sure bet that you know virtually nothing about it. Hell, most people don't even know Vizio is an American company, even though all but three of its 417 employees work in the US."
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RE[4]: Yeppers.
by zima on Wed 20th Jun 2012 06:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Yeppers."
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But, realistically, it's not worldwide we're talking about.

EU alone gives you over 2x larger potential market, and also among the most "profitable" ones. Then threw in few more such places around the world - Australia, New Zealand, some in Asia (China, Japan, South Korea).

just the amount of legal consul required to get everything to pass muster for all the various countries would probably break them financially. remember folks we are talking about a company with less than 500 employees TOTAL, with a company that small hiring on a team of international lawyers well versed in trade law simply isn't in the cards.

I don't follow? Yeah, maybe the number of their own employees isn't that large - but largely because they outsource virtually everything.

How does that differ from "outsourcing" legal counsel? Why that would be such a financial strain for the top-selling US HDTV brand?

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