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Amiga & AROS "Icaros Desktop is an effort to build a modern Amiga-compatible operating system for standard x86 hardware. It's a distribution built atop AROS, which is an open source effort to create a system compatible at the API level with the AmigaOS 3.x series. I recently had a chat to the creator of Icaros, Paolo Besser, about the creation of the OS and why Amiga continues to inspire people today."
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RE[5]: Hmmm
by Sauron on Wed 20th Jun 2012 10:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Hmmm"
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What you on about? I knew a LOT of people with Amiga's back in the day and every one of them had a extra external floppy drive, me included! I still use Amiga's now and have hard drives fitted, but I still have external floppy's.

And most importantly, when you look at auction sites today, Amiga sets including external disk drives or memory expansions are much rarer than "plain" configs..

You don't see Amiga's sold with external floppy drives because they fetch more when sold separate, same as accelerators, genlocks, squirrel SCSI interfaces and anything else hardware based! Your arguing over something you obviously know nothing about!

And one didn't and doesn't use a external floppy to copy shop bought games, (although you could/can with a cyclone lead between your Amiga and external floppy). Quite a few games required a blank floppy disk to use as a save game disk and a extra drive removed the hassle of disk swaps all the time, plus productivity software was/is much more usable with a external floppy and is much easier to make backups of said software. (Copying a disk with just the internal drive if you didn't have a memory expansion was slow and painful)!
Maybe a few got rid of there previous setup, but you'd be surprised how many didn't! I didn't either and still have my Atari 600XL and 800XL and all peripherals and software with them, (not been used for a while though).

Oh! And this is not a personal anecdote either! ;)

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