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Amiga & AROS "Icaros Desktop is an effort to build a modern Amiga-compatible operating system for standard x86 hardware. It's a distribution built atop AROS, which is an open source effort to create a system compatible at the API level with the AmigaOS 3.x series. I recently had a chat to the creator of Icaros, Paolo Besser, about the creation of the OS and why Amiga continues to inspire people today."
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RE[14]: Hmmm
by zima on Wed 20th Jun 2012 14:41 UTC in reply to "RE[13]: Hmmm"
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"Trivial places"? that the Apple's ~"lesser people should be barred from ~computers advancements" bleeding in? (Apple openly states the aim to target only the most profitable people; they also openly act to block any supposed innovation they bring from being used by other manufacturers - not license or such; bringing those two to their logical synthesis...)

Or do you really long for the times when barely anybody could afford them? (but you could, most importantly...)

It's hardly stuff you'd do just for fun!

Clarify; some people do S&M for fun ;p

In The Netherlands people moved to disk drives, so my guess would be that so did that Germans as they were positively active in the home computer scene [...] ZX Spectrum users were more likely to use cassettes than C64 ones

The parts divided by "[...]" are a bit mutually exclusive... (but, yes, in the 2nd part you're going into good direction finally, with likelihoods)

BTW, with "people living in trivial places" and "positively active in the home computer scene" - hardly anybody can beat the Russian scene, they did some insane things with Spectrum clones.

radio show about computers and stuff that "broadcast" software

Such radio shows (even more their spread) do imply continuing popularity of cassettes "at the very least beside 1541" numbers - I didn't say anything more about them.
But I think we already established that not everybody had 2nd drive or expansion, so "I for one didn't know anyone who actually made use of this" might be also not quite representative ;)

(no ideas about the title of the show?)

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