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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Over at the Goodbye, Microsoft web site, Brad R. takes Ubuntu to task for abandoning dial-up modem users. Apparently Ubuntu no longer includes the GnomePPP dial-up package in the distribution, without which you can't get online via dial-up. It gets better: if you do have some way to connect, when you download something from the Ubuntu repository, the first thing Ubuntu does is update its 16+ megabyte repository index. Happy waiting! Brad concludes that "Ubuntu is for broadband users only."
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RE[5]: seriously
by Yoko_T on Wed 20th Jun 2012 16:28 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: seriously"
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"That they've done right by dropping dial-up because it's only 10-15% anyway?

They're NOT dropping dial-up, the only change is that gnome-ppp (and presumably wvdial) is not on the install CD. It is still available from the repos and it does come with cli dialup tools. NetworkManager also supports USB modems, iirc.
I"m not stating it's right (or wrong), I'm saying that most people in Africe simply do not have Internet access at all.

Hey idiot, if gnome-ppp and wvdial are *NOT* on the install cd, mjust how in hell are you supposed to install it since you won't have acess to the repos since you need a dialup connection to get acess to the repos which you won't have?

God save the human race from genetic defectives like yourself.

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