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Graphics, User Interfaces It's been one of my major pet peeves on both Android and iOS: the total and utter lack of consistency. Applications - whether first party or third party - all seem to live on islands, doing their own thing, making their own design choices regarding basic UI interactions, developing their own non-standard buttons and controls. Consistency died five years ago, and nobody seems to care but me.
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User competencies
by olafg on Wed 20th Jun 2012 16:34 UTC
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The same happend with movies. Old movies are slow and simple. Modern movies use many symbols (like using blur to represent dreams) that we know because we grew up with them.

The same goes for applications. The repertoire is bigger now as users have more GUI experience. However, what is productive depends on context. A DAW can be less intuitive, but still provide a better workflow. You will be able to learn Abelton or Cubase in 2 evenings. That is OK.

For a single visit website Immediate productivity is imperative and you have to play up to the sites or GUIs the target audience is used to.

it does annoy me however when ios designers dont use swipes for page turning. or when ios safari doesnt seem to have undo. or when websites sends me to an inferior mobile version of their site. or when ios and other touch guis require precision touch, like getting rid of autocorrection. so some consistency with external use is important, but not on the widget level.

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