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Windows So, Windows Phone 7.5. I love it - warts and all. It has its issues, but it's so distinctive and fun it's pretty hard to not like it. So, for me, those three other people, and that cow, Microsoft today announced Windows Phone 8. It brings lots of cool new features, is built upon the Windows NT kernel and shares much of its lower levels with Windows 8, and oh, not a single current Windows Phone 7 device will be upgraded to it.
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RE[3]: Mixed feelings
by Shane on Thu 21st Jun 2012 04:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mixed feelings"
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I guess developers didn't get that memo huh? Objective-C's adoption rate is off the charts:

Language is only a small part of the equation. The frameworks are what enable developers to build useful stuff. And Cocoa Touch is a solid, well thought out framework with years and years of iterative improvements behind it. That class NSObject from which everything inherits in Cocoa Touch? It goes back to the NeXTSTEP days. Apple's strength lies in relentless rounds of incremental additions and polish, and Cocoa Touch has had a major head start by now.

This latest move is a tacit admission by Microsoft that Apple got it right first time by building the iPhone's OS on top of OS X. Microsoft has lost a lot of momentum with their inability to get their inner fiefdoms to all row in the same direction. This is the last reset they can afford. Microsoft have their work cut out for them. Better start grinding.

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