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Legal "Oracle has agreed to accept zero dollars worth of damages from Google, three weeks after losing the major portions of the case in which Oracle accused Google of violating Java patents and copyrights in Android." From six billion to zero. It's not like Ellison needs the money. Pretty place.
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deceptive headline from Ars
by gus3 on Thu 21st Jun 2012 10:31 UTC
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After all, it isn't as if Google were offering a few billion dollars. The headline makes Oracle sound like some pillar of the community who's temporarily down on his luck. "No, that's OK, I really don't need it, give it to someone who does."

As PJ likes to say, puh-leez. Google offered precisely US$0.00. Not even a penny.

Oracle has no choice but to live with it. Any other move on their part, and they run the risk of getting literally laughed out of court.

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