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Windows So, Windows Phone 7.5. I love it - warts and all. It has its issues, but it's so distinctive and fun it's pretty hard to not like it. So, for me, those three other people, and that cow, Microsoft today announced Windows Phone 8. It brings lots of cool new features, is built upon the Windows NT kernel and shares much of its lower levels with Windows 8, and oh, not a single current Windows Phone 7 device will be upgraded to it.
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by henderson101 on Thu 21st Jun 2012 12:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by kovacm"
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Just like Microsoft does with Windows, Apple has created several different versions of iOS6, with key features removed from all of them except one. Unlike Microsoft, Apple tries to be sneaky about this by explaining it in the small letters.

That's not really true though is it? If you buy a laptop with Windows 7 Starter, you can move to another SKU. That is not true with iOS. However, what *is* true with iOS is that you have a specific list of supported devices and the features iOS 6 supports on that device. This is more like having a PC with a PATA interface and trying to connect a SATA drive to it.

So, since Apple refuses to properly name the different versions

But, there is only one version for each device. You can be petty and claim that Apple picking and choosing features is wrong, but it doesn't change the fact that iOS 6 on a 3GS will have identical features to all other 3GS - same with the 4 and 4s. You don't have to agree or even like that (I know I don't), but inventing new OS names because you don't like it seems pretty childish to me.

something that would net Microsoft a whole lot of deserved criticism, but Apple is let off the hook for some reason...

Yeah, because the "versions" only exist in your head. i.e. there's no way to install Siri on a 3GS (legally or whatever), so the so called "Pro" version doesn't exist as a product. You just need to accept, this is the same thing that happens will all consumer electronics. I go to buy a new stereo, Sony make 5 different SKU's, one has a manual radio tuner and no remote, one has a remote and a digital tuner, one has a remote digital tuner and DAB radio tuner, one had a 5 CD changer, one has an iPod/USB dock and a digital radio tuner with DAB. This is no different at all. Are you bitching about all consumer electronics now?

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