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Google While I sometimes see Dutch as an endangered language, reality is that with nearly 30 million speakers worldwide, we're actually doing pretty well. Sadly, this can't be said for the 3000 truly endangered languages of the world - nearly half of the world's total number of languages is on the verge of extinction, and with it, large amounts of human culture are in danger of disappearing forever. In collaboration with several universities and language institutions, Google has launched the Endangered Languages Project to document these languages - textually, visually, and auditorially.
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RE: Sounds Good
by izomiac on Thu 21st Jun 2012 21:32 UTC in reply to "Sounds Good"
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Ah, there-in lies the reason for the languages being endangered. As we move to a more global community, it's no longer practical be monolingual in a smaller language. If you're bilingual, you'll default to language spoken by more of your contacts, which will typically be the larger one. Thus the smaller one fades into obscurity and eventually dies.

I do not think we should allow any language to die without being thoroughly studied. But, the benefit of everyone speaking a common language is tremendous. IMHO, it's good to have people thinking in languages of different families since a Chinese-speaker and English-speaker may have unique perspectives, but cultural identity shouldn't trump progress. We shouldn't keep people speaking different languages just so those languages don't die.

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