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Apple Great find by Hack A Day: "Over on the 68kmla forums, a website dedicated to old Macs built before 1994, [zydeco] released his Android port of Mini vMac, a Macintosh Plus emulator that puts the power of a Motorola MC68000 processor and System 7 on any computer.
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Also runs on Debian-based Linux PowerPC
by lubod on Thu 21st Jun 2012 23:42 UTC
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If anyone is interested, the MintPPC repository has a binary package of the current stable Mini vMac version 3.2.3 ready to go. May work on other Debian-based distributions as well, though untested.

Also the upcoming 3.3 series (dubbed alpha at this time) can already be built with the target platform linux powerpc, so you can use an existing install (like the one above) to install the newer version. In other words, it can be 'self-bootstrapping' so to speak, as long as you have a Debian-based PowerPC Linux installed already.

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