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X11, Window Managers John Goerzen, Debian/GNU Linux developer, transitions his kids from bash to xmonad: "I'd been debating how to introduce GUIs for a very long time. It has not escaped my attention that children that used Commodores or TRS-80s or DOS knew a lot more about how their computers worked, on average, than those of the same age that use Windows or MacOS. I didn't want our boys to skip an entire phase of learning how their technology works." I decided long ago that my kids - if I ever have them, I'm undecided and way too young - will learn computing the way I learned it: with a CLI. I never realised an xmonad setup would form a good transition phase into GUIs.
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I would rather teach my kids (when I have them), a language from the Pascal family like Delphi, Modula-2/3, or modern languages like D or Go.

This way he/she would first be aware what proper modules are, the benefits of strong typing, how to handle efficient data structures without pointer magic tricks.

All of this in languages that are also able to generate proper optimized native code.

Then he/she can do a time travel to the past of primitive linkers and source file inclusion world of C and C++, and requirements of static analyzers for sane coding.

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