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Linux Linus has released kernel 2.6.14 after two months of development. There's a big amount of changes: new features like HostAP, FUSE, the linux port of the plan9's 9P protocol, netlink connector, relayfs, securityfs, centrino's wireless drivers, support for DCCP (currently a RFC draft, PPTP, full 4 page-table support for ppc64, numa-aware slab allocator, lock-free descriptor lookup and many other things. Read the comprehensible changelog or the full changelog.
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explaining what a "numa-aware slab allocator" for people who has no idea of what a slab allocator or numa is isn't exactly a easy task. It'd require more than a A4 paper.

The "comprehensible changelog" is supposed to have a list of the most important kernel changes. That doesn't means people is really going to understand what they mean, by "comprehensible" it means "something that people can beat themselves to understand" (which is an almost impossible task in a 2.1 MB changelog even if you're a kernel hacker from other OS)

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