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X11, Window Managers John Goerzen, Debian/GNU Linux developer, transitions his kids from bash to xmonad: "I'd been debating how to introduce GUIs for a very long time. It has not escaped my attention that children that used Commodores or TRS-80s or DOS knew a lot more about how their computers worked, on average, than those of the same age that use Windows or MacOS. I didn't want our boys to skip an entire phase of learning how their technology works." I decided long ago that my kids - if I ever have them, I'm undecided and way too young - will learn computing the way I learned it: with a CLI. I never realised an xmonad setup would form a good transition phase into GUIs.
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by righard on Fri 22nd Jun 2012 10:18 UTC in reply to "Comment by gan17"
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In my fantasy my child will be a proficient Haskell programmer by the age of 6. I won't have to push him/her to learn it either, all I have to do is leave a book about the topic casually laying around ;)

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