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Windows This intrigued me. I decided to see what would happen if you plug a Windows Phone 7.5 device - my HTC HD7 in this case - into a Windows 8 machine (the release preview). The answer? Nothing happens. If you combine Microsoft's prime desktop operating system and prime mobile offering, nothing happens. No dialogs, no sync options, no check for updates, no backups, no audio/video transfer, not even a mount or a dialog to download Zune. They've got only a few months to address this.
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The Microsoft has been driving and pushing their cloud-based services pretty aggressively for quite a long time now. And I think they wouldn't even try creating a client side sync application for Windows Phone devices. I don't like it but that's their grand plan.

You sync your stuff to the cloud from Windows 8 where it is synced to your Windows Phone devices and back to Windows 8. I tried to figure out if there was a ability in Windows Phone for a local non-cloud-based sync but it just isn't feasible under current version.

Zune doesn't sync your contacts or messages to my knowledge. Zune only syncs your music and pictures. Try make it sync some other things locally and you'd find it ridiculously painful. I think the only feasible way to do it is to run your own Exchange server and make it happen that way.

So the question here isn't "why nothing happens?" when you plug your Windows Phone device to Windows 8 device. The Correct question is "Should anything happen?" at all when you plug your device. Microsoft would answer to you that "No, nothing should happen." since you're supposed to use their cloud services.

Microsoft is pretty ruthless again and show signs of wanting to become like Google but with clear intent of misusing that power. I don't want to give them my address book or pictures, or any other personal data. So I am not going to get a Windows Phone device either.

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