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Apple I had written an entire article on the debate about whether or not the iPad is a pure consumption device, but realised I could summarise the entire debate into a single sentence: it's the difference between 'suitable' and 'ideal'. You can ride a unicycle from Amsterdam to Paris, but that doesn't mean it's better than just taking the car or the Thalys.
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Torbjorn Vik Lunde
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I'm tired of this discussion whether iPad is good at traditional PC-tasks. I guess some of them it is bad, some of them it is good (and in between).

What is more interesting is the stuff that the iPad does well that traditional PCs don't do well at all. A good example here is sketching. I have tried many sketching apps for Windows and Mac, but none could stack up to a piece of physical paper. With Paper for iPad (the app!) I've stopped using physical paper all togheter. It's so nice to just send my sketches to Dropbox for archiving instead of scanning them in.

I imagine others have other use cases where the iPad is better than other alternatives as well. Some musicians I know use the iPad instead of lugging large stack of note sheets.

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