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Apple I had written an entire article on the debate about whether or not the iPad is a pure consumption device, but realised I could summarise the entire debate into a single sentence: it's the difference between 'suitable' and 'ideal'. You can ride a unicycle from Amsterdam to Paris, but that doesn't mean it's better than just taking the car or the Thalys.
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RE: Creating to make a point maybe?
by clasqm on Fri 22nd Jun 2012 13:22 UTC in reply to "Creating to make a point maybe?"
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Ah, Psion. I had a 3a and a Revo and I loved them both. The problem was not getting stuff in: Psion keyboards were rather good. The problem was getting stuff out.

Once data was in the Psion, getting it into a PC and into a format readable by the programs of the day was a black art. Not impossible, there were cables and transfer programs, but not as easy as "email this to myself, Siri" or "share to Dropbox".

But ... to the point. Given a choice, I create on the iMac rather than on the iPad. But when the creative urge hits and that choice is not available, I don't shrug my shoulders and say "Gee, what a pity I only have a consumption device with me ...". Of course, that is also dictated by the text-based nature of the stuff I create. If the iPad is not available, I pull out the iPod Touch, If that is not available, I scrounge for pen and paper, and if there is no pen and paper around I will scratch patterns in the dirt with a pointy stick!

Go forth and be creative, my children. And stop blaming your damn tools!

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