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Internet & Networking "Long before the coming of the World Wide Web, the Minitel provided a sort of internet-in-one-country. Long before Facebook, Google or Twitter - millions of French people went 'online' daily to search for information, to book their holidays, chat to strangers or seek cheap (or not so cheap) sexual thrills."
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RE: Souvenirs..
by zima on Fri 22nd Jun 2012 23:39 UTC in reply to "Souvenirs.."
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At the same time the mass-medias heavily publicized the distress of FT employees, who suffered a abnormally high suicide rate

Curious... IIRC there was something like that about the workers of our more or less national Polish Telecom - which is largely owned by FT.

Anyway, a nice 1990 TV programme about Minitel that one: Computer Chronicles: High Tech France
(but, ugh, nobody thought or could synchronise the cameras with monitor refresh rates - or just use European 50 Hz cameras - and do 2:3 pulldown for transmission)

Curious at 5m mark: supposedly the rapid expansion of French telephone network was making editions of paper phonebooks quickly obsolete, so electronically accessed directory had clear benefits.

10m judging from poster, there was not only ULLA, also... ELENA at least? ;)

News at the end... oh my, upcoming win 3.0 introduction, "3D on-screen look" and a mention of then-available tablet ( )

And WTH the closing scene was about, Paris mood got to them? ;)

(also, in the ending of 2nd part - patent insanity already then, about obvious ideas, not implementing them)
also curious, a computer using Minitel terminal as its keyboard, modem, display. I wondered once why barely any computers used teletext as output, would save quite some RAM in those times (I guess because not many TVs had in turn expensive itself teletext in the first place)

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