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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu After Fedora, Ubuntu has now also announced how it's going to handle the nonsense called "Secure" Boot. The gist: they'll use the same key as Fedora, but they claim they can't use GRUB2. "In the event that a manufacturer makes a mistake and delivers a locked-down system with a GRUB 2 image signed by the Ubuntu key, we have not been able to find legal guidance that we wouldn't then be required by the terms of the GPLv3 to disclose our private key in order that users can install a modified boot loader. At that point our certificates would of course be revoked and everyone would end up worse off." So, they're going to use the more liberally licensed efilinux loader from Intel. Only the bootloader will be signed; the kernel will not.
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I have, but exactly what do you think that will accomplish? Microsoft doesn't give a shit how many signatures are on a stupid petition. It does not matter. Even if they get a million signatures, that's a million out of a potential customer base of several billion. Do you honestly think Microsoft's fat cats are going to lose a single bit of sleep over FSF's petition? Some better questions are, where is the EFF? Where is the SFLC? How about the rest of FSF's lawyers? Why aren't they combating this in a way that might, however unlikely, actually work? Petitions have no teeth, and we're going to need to bite hard to even have a chance at stopping this before it spirals out of control. It's probably already too late.

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