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Apple The only review that matters - as detailed and in-depth as ever. "I'm giving the MacBook Pro with Retina Display our bronze Editor's Choice award. Making it the first Mac to ever receive one. It would have been a silver had the software story been even stronger (iWork, Mountain Lion, Office and Photoshop being ready at launch would have been a feat worth rewarding). And it would have been a gold had Apple been able to deliver all of that but without sacrificing end-user upgradability." The device has performance issues which Mountain Lion will address (to a degree), but for the rest, AnandTech's review details - without being pro or anti-anything - just how good this new MBP really is. As a sidenote, Windows 8 on the retina display further confirms the classic desktop is dead to Microsoft: it still can't handle high-DPI displays properly. With the desktop going the way of the dodo, why would the company make it so?
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I humbly think the impossibility to perform simple substitutions, such as changing the RAM, or swapping the SSD for something standard to be easily purchased on the market - as opposed to chips using proprietary, non-standard connectors - are shortcomings that shouldn't be eclipsed by the achievings in the fields of display crispness and ultimate portability.
We are dealing with 2 or 3k$ machines which are becoming more and more like disposable appliances you have to send to service everytime a minor, non-vital component breaks. I think it is utter insanity and will never support such behaviour on part of companies as long as freer, more-easily-fixable products continue to exist.
This new MBPr is really beautiful and light, but I know I won't care about portability at all when SSD's will have become much cheaper and the original 256GB will have shown all their limits, or when my RAM will fry and I'll have to send my work tool to Apple with all my private data inside. It's not acceptable and I hope many customers will voice their opinion by choosing products that do not suspend even such basic forms of freedom.

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