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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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It's hard to deliver
by twitterfire on Sat 23rd Jun 2012 21:33 UTC
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I've studied artificial intelligence in University, but neither I nor my teacher, nor my colleagues, nor any of the authors we studied had the slightest idea how and when the first true artificial intelligence will be produced. Right now it's science fiction. Computer Science can't predict when, or even if, artificial intelligence may become true.

It wouldn't surprise me if some smart guy will make a proof shoving that true artificial intelligence in practice is not possible. I have the feeling that it might be the case. Can't prove it, but right now nobody has any idea of a computer model of a "real" or "true" AI. More than that, there are actual proofs that most models and AI algorithms in research today won't materialize in a "real" AI.

And Turing isn't right. For him, during an q&a session, if someone can't tell if the actual answer is given by a human or a machine, the machine may be considered "intelligent". Right now no machine passed the Turing test, but even if some machine will pass it in the future it won't be an indication of it's intelligence but an indication of the passion and art of its programmers.

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