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Games "A newly leaked 56-page document sheds some light on the company's plans, for what it calls the 'Xbox 720'. The presentation appears to be from August 2010, and references future improvements like SmartGlass, a Metro dashboard, and Xbox TV apps. Alongside its incremental Xbox 360 updates, Microsoft has a clear vision for its next-generation Xbox 720 console - we've dug into its plans to bring you the best bits." It's important to note the documentation is already two years old - a lifetime in the technology world. Still interesting, though. Now if you don't mind - back to Half-Life 2 on my plain old soon-to-be-outdated Xbox 360.
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RE[2]: Meh
by zima on Sat 23rd Jun 2012 22:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Meh"
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PCs at large basically just now caught up with the X360 console generation, when a fairly large proportion of them began shipping with the latest Intel integrated GFX.

Such machines, mostly laptops (more than 50% sold for quite some time), is what largely determines the state of PC gaming. Publishers don't really care about relatively few pathetic enthusiasts; they generally prefer targeting much wider audience, which is much more profitable ...and even then, the budgets are already insane (so throwing even more money at "shiny" just to limit your audience, just so that the pathetic enthusiasts could salivate a bit, isn't very attractive).

The few most recent big PC-exclusives that I recall ...also display the characteristics you blame on consoles (and live loading of levels is a fairly old tricks, BTW)

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