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Hardware, Embedded Systems Artificial intelligence is still a long way from delivering the human intelligence in robot form that has long been common in science fiction.
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RE[2]: AI definitions
by Alfman on Sun 24th Jun 2012 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE: AI definitions"
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"Actors in a movie don't come across as dumb."

Interesting, but the actors in a movie are just following a script, and to that extent I would argue they ARE dumb in this respect since following a script does NOT require intelligence.

You can nitpick and say they need to be able to read the scripts and interact with other actors in order to do their jobs (which requires some intelligence). However actors don't technically have to understand a script, so that's setting a very low bar for "intelligence" in my opinion. One which computers could probably achieve in the short term if it weren't for the virtual/physical barrier I spoke about earlier.

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